Cherry Wine Hemp Strain @ 8-Weeks 2021

About Our Farm

We have dedicated one-acre of our permaculture farm to growing hemp. Although this is our first year growing hemp, we are expecting an exciting outcome. Since 1997, we have believed by taking care of our soil, our soil will produce healthy bountiful plants; resulting in nutrient-rich food to sustain our family. Only certified organic or all-natural products have cautiously been used when needed. Our minimal practices have been instrumental in maintaining a healthy farm environment.

We Practice Three Simple Principals

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Companion Planting

Gardens Like people thrive with diversity. Plants form an under and above ground community exchanging nutrients and gases. Some companion plants boost Hemp's immune system, increase their natural oil, and repel bad insects as well as attracting beneficial insects.

As time moves on, we will add herbs such as Dill, Mint, and Basil. As of today, we have an established foraging pasture that contains Clover, Annual Winter Rye Grass, Pasture Grass, Alfalfa, and Asteraceae.

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Soil Health

Our base soil is a well-drained sandy loam. The base of our farm compost is our animal's bedding and waste. The combination of soil and compost is a neutral PH with balanced nutrients. The compost also conserves water.

We practice zero-till by planting each plant in our farm compost building our topsoil for years to come.

We compost in four-yard piles with regular tossing and the right amount of moisture. The piles cook at 160 degrees for 4-6 weeks before cooling. The outcome is a light fluffy sweet-smelling compost.

Our soil health results in healthy happy plants and humans.

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Plant Care

We walk our field daily monitoring the needs of our plants and soil. We believe by feeding the soil, our plants can efficiently uptake their needed nutrients.

As our plants cycle life, we feed them a weekly nutrient-rich tea of Boogie Base, worm castings, kelp, potash, molasses, azomite, Epson Salt, ORMI fish fertilizer, Boogie Black, and insect frass. As the plants needs change, the brew ingredients fluctuate. Sometimes the plants need a foliar mist to take up nutrients quickly but for the most part, we fertigate.

We have made sure that all of our watering equipment is certified for human drinking. By using human-grade hoses and such, we are protected from toxic outputs like polycarbonate and metals.

The end result is a regenerative process increasing soil and plant health.

For the safety of our family and yours, we test.


We believe in testing our resources to ensure we are growing an all-natural product. Our goal is to provide CBD products free from heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. In the pursuit of transparency, all test results are available for your review.

Compost Pesticide Results

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Water Results

Soil Testing

Hemp COA

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